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Furniture should make you feel at home.  Furniture should last.   Furniture should be functional. 

To make you feel at home, it must not remind you of any hotel you have ever stayed in. To last, it must be superlatively well made by craftsmen* using the most modern equipment.  To be functional, it must be thoughtfully designed to be used in the modern world.   

And then you add marquetry: a centuries-old craft reinterpreted for today; the beauty of wood celebrated in myriad different designs, one of which will be right for you.  


Cyril Kinsky was first a theatre director, then a barrister.  He retired as a Queen's Counsel in 2016.  He now wonders why he didn't always make furniture. 


*All the pieces on this site were put together by Nick Hudson Fine Furniture or Rupert McBain Studio.  They're good. 

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